PRACTICE 2/4 - 2/8

Posted by Joe Murphy on Feb 02 2008 at 04:00PM PST in 2010-2011

First I want to apologize for the cancellation of games yesterday. I am not sure what happened but I should have been more on top of it and confirmed our time.  I am looking to try and reschedule the games for 2/16. I know this is the first weekend of break but the only other date is 2/23 which is the last weekend of break and then 3/1 playoffs start. We need to play these games or forfeit and that could cause our teams to miss the playoffs.

As for the games at home on 2/9 - right now we are not on the schools list to use the gym on that date. I will know more Monday when I speak with the school.

there is no practice time available at the Middle school this week due to the school play.

Practice 2/4 -2/8

Monday 2/4:

Biddy A - 7:30-9 High School Upper

Biddy B - 7:30-9 High School Upper 

Thursday 2/7:

Biddy C - 7:30-9 - High School Upper

Junior B - 7:30-9 - High School Upper

4th Grade - 5:30-7 - labor Hall

3rd Grade - 7-8:30 - Labor Hall

Friday 2/8:

Junior C - 7-9 - High School New Gym 

Junior A - 7:30-9 - High School New Gym


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