Possible Contest Information

Posted by Jeff Gillham on Oct 28 2005 at 05:00PM PDT in 2010-2011
OK, Like anything esle we post for EVERYONE to see, MY Site News is the place. 
Here is my idea, I have found a very good web site with basketball drills.  I will ask a NEW question every day.  You need to research the web site to find the answer.  As time goes on, additional web sites may have to be accessed.  Maybe even our own web site will hold the days answer.  Answers will need to be e-mailed to me each day before 9:00pm.  The questions will change between 9:00pm & 2:00am.  So don't go on at 11:00pm and think you might get the next days question, it might not yet be there.  Especially on a school night.  Anyone who e-mails me after 9:00pm on a school night will be disqualified.  What will you get if you get ALL the answers correct.  I'm not sure yet, maybe a tee shirt, maybe a book, maybe a gym bag, maybe a gift certificate somewhere.  I don't know.  But before we even do this contest for real, I would like to do a trial contest (no prize), just for fun.  If I get enough people participating, maybe we will do it for real.  Sound fair?  Ok to start, you will need my e-mail:  Jeff Gillham  and you will need the web site I have found


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